Programs for 2016-2017

Jo Ho, Storyteller

 Educational and entertaining storytelling programs

AUGUST 2016- JULY 2017 


Let's pack up the basket with nice food to eat and a red and white blanket to act as our seat.  Cool drinks for drinking if we get too hot and off we go to find the perfect spot!  Rain or shine, Jo's packed her basket with tales.  Time to relish lots of end of the summer silliness and a potluck of ideas for picnicking at the park, at school, or home.    


From a clever crow to a brave little mouse, these short tales of long ago still make a big impact today!  Humorously presented with a delightful dramatic flair, this back to school program offers gentle lessons in goodness, kindness, sharing, and friendship.


Join Jo and her not so scary scarecrows for a lively story time to learn about autumn and harvest time.  The kid-size fall mascots will invite giggles in this fall festival of stories and sing-a-longs.


We'll journey through the alphabet with the Pilgrims as they sail the Atlantic, learn how to plant corn, and dine with their new friends.  It's a dinner without the turkey, but plenty of A-Z fun facts and First Thanksgiving stories.


Travel around the world for a global December holiday celebration with well wishes for peace to all at every stop.  Enjoy the festivities of Dongzhi in China, Boxing Day in Britain, Kwanzaa in Africa, and very Mele Kalikimaka in Hawaii.


In this winter-themed storytelling program, Jo takes youngsters on a trip across a wonderland of imaginative snow, ice, hibernating animals and more.  The fun-frosty tales of building a snow family, ice-skating and sledding while close by some creatures sleep, will engage listeners and clearly explain the reasons for the season of winter.


It's too good to be true, but it is!  Jo brings together TWO big loves of kids in this yummy and cozy combo of PJ and pizza tales with a sprinkling of historical facts about the "leg garment" and the "some kind of flat bread with stuff on it."


Spring is here and so is a building language and early literacy skills storytelling program.  We'll sing and tap our way into spring with finger-snapping, hand-clapping, thigh-slapping stories.  Full of magical rhythmic repetition of words, phrases, and sounds, these playful participation tales will host traditional, original, and tongue-twister tunes.


"Drop Everything and Read" is a national April-long celebration of reading, designed to remind kids from 0-99 to make reading a daily top priority.  Presenting her FAVORITE picture books, Jo will prompt and inspire the kiddos to make sure that reading is a regular part of their routine.  You'll be hearing those delightful words...."please read me a story."


Hola Amigos!  It's time for a FIESTA to celebrate the rich Hispanic culture and Mexican pride through song, dance, and stories.  Sometimes referred to as the "Mexican St. Patrick's Day, " this May 5th festival is a colorful and lively way to begin or end the month of May.  


Whether a tunnel, sky scraper, or house, these "building with boxes" stories are well insulated with hilarious characters, concrete plots, and framed with lots of role-playing for carpenters of all ages.  Who needs plywood and plaster when you have a box?!


Recognized by the hard, distinctive shell that protects its body, these ancient, long-lived reptiles are often associated with patience and wisdom.  This July we'll visit all six continents for multi-cultural tortoise tales (no turtles in Antarctica) and discover the wit and wise words of these egg-laying creatures that have been around since before dinosaurs.

Other Popular Seasonal Programs Also Available Anytime

My Big Purple Crayon

 Artistic tales teaching basic color mixing and how to “draw” a story.

Spring Puddles

 Jump into spring with puddle stories.  

PJ’s and Plushables

Pajama storytelling party with soft plush toys.

My Snowman is Smiling

Wintery fun stories of that wonderful winter friend—the Snowman.

I’m Thankful for the Simple Joys 

Stories of gratitude for the “simple” things.  

Barn Dance

Barnyard tales and sing-a-longs with the jug band players.

Rhyming Fun With Mama Goose

Positive kid-friendly rhymes packed with actions and songs.  

Dinosaur Stomp

Good manners stories told in a BIG way.  

Cozy Quits

Charming, cozy quilt tales.  Wear your PJ’s.

Alaskan Adventure

Winter journey to the land of Eskimos, katmai bear, and dog sleds.

The Color Green

Happy and healthy spring tales. 

Blast Off Through the Solar System

Zoom into an out-of-this world space adventure with stories and songs about the planets, stars, sun, and moon.

Camping Trip

A belly full of laughter around the campfire—silly and not so scary tales.

Australian Adventure

Travel down under for tales of kangaroo, koala, and crocodile. 

Musical Tales

 An introduction to music and hands-on rhythmic tales.


Cut and Fold Stories

Stories that unfold and are snipped right before eager eyes. 

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Transportation tales that prepare a child for vacation travel. 

Digging in the Dirt

Playful fun stories and unique discoveries while digging in the good ‘ol dirt.

A B C’s & 1 2 3’s

Back to school stories with the alphabet and numbers. 

Delicious Nutritious Stories and Songs

Take a big bite into detectable tales and tunes that encourage good eating habits.  

Be A C.H.E.R.U.B.” (A Child Helping Earth Remain Utterly Beautiful)

Celebrate Earth Day in this extraordinary “going green” storytelling program. 

Cuddle With Teddy

Snuggle up with your Teddy Bear for delightful stories of Little Bear, Baby Bear, and Polar Bear.

Groundhog Steps Out

Silly tales of lovable groundhog and her furry pals.

Hopping Along With Peter Rabbit

Tales of famous rabbits!

Royal Tales From Around the World

Adventure tales of princesses, princes, dragons, and knights from many lands.

Please Don't Pick Your Nose

Kids help Jo teach her ill-mannered puppet politeness.

Winter Safari

Interesting facts and tales about moose, snowshoe hare, polar bear and other tundra animals.

Who Gives A Hoot?

Facts and fun fiction in these owling outing.

Lets Go Fly a Kite

Stories of kite inventions, safety, and tethered aircraft silliness. 

Wacky Inventions

“Professor Goof” shares stories of wacky and wild inventions, perfect for inquisitive little minds! 

Seeds, Weeds, Bugs, and Slugs

Whether good, bad, cute, or ugly, these nature tales teach acceptance and uniqueness.

A Visit To Farmer’s Market

Sit a spell with Mrs. Green Beans and her persimmons, kumquats, kale and more as she welcomes you to her unique fall green-thumb grocery stand.  

 Thank You For My Senses

Stories and songs in this highly interactive program designed to enhance the awareness of the precious gifts of sight, taste, touch, smell, and hearing. 

Reindeer Christmas

Join Rudolph (alias Jo Ho) and her reindeer pals on a holly jolly sleigh ride this holiday season. 

Tracks In the Snow

It’s a chilly nature walk as we investigate which animals hibernate or migrate, and those that stay active in the winter. 

Wild About Bears

Meet the eight species of bears around the world.

Jo Ho